"Kheops One" is a rock band, formed at the end of 2006 in Daruvar.

The original name of the band was "Keops", but as there was already a band under that name in Croatia, we changed it to "Kheops". The latest version of 2020 is "Kheops One". I (Goran Vedriš) have been pushing the entire initiative to work and record original music for the last 20 and a half years.

​In the period from 2000 to 2006 I played in various cover bands in Daruvar (with musicians Frelih Slobodan, Alen Kralj, Dario Kraljić, Davor Ivanković, Igor Ruf, Marko Kovačević, Mladen Lisak, Ivan Vrbicky, etc.) and so I met a young talented musician Marko Kovacevic. At the end of 2006, I decided to form a band with him that would deal more with original songs in English and less with covers.

​So we started the search for adequate vocalist. Shortly after that, we met the vocalist Dino Purić, who was very interested in collaborating, and that's how "Kheops" came about.

The first lineup was: Goran Vedriš: guitar, Marko Kovačević: bass, Frelih Slobodan Fric: guitar, Alen Kralj: drums, Dino Purić: vocals.

​Marko and I have been listening to similar music since childhood (Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, etc.), so the music we composed was similar in genre. Very quickly we started playing concerts (where we also played original songs), and in July 2007 we already started recording the first demos (in collaboration with Igor Ruf from Cota G4). The most famous song from that period was “Prisoner Of Love”.

​In the meantime, we did a few more gigs, only to stop working for a while. In 2008, Frelih and Kralj left the band, Semir Hasanić Haso (Mattresses) took the place of the bassist, Marko switched to drums, and we started with intensive rehearsals for concerts. The most important concert was at the Johnny B.Goode club (ex Dom Omladine Daruvar).

​In 2009, Hasanić left the band, was replaced by Antonio Mik (Apofis), and the line-up went to Studio Depth in Požegato record the first EP called "Silhouettes", with producer FilipSertić.

Recorded songs: "End Of The Game", "Prisoner Of Love" and "Where Did We Go Wrong". The audience accepted the EP very well, and we, inspired by the reaction, continued to write new songs In this period, I wrote the song "Sunshine - The author of the music and arrangement is me, while Dino and I wrote the lyrics together.

​In 2011 we went back to Studio Depth, where we recorded “Sunshine” and “World Will Never Change” one of my older original songs. However, due to student obligations (I studied in Osijek, Dino in Zagreb, Marko in Belgrade), we stopped working.

​In Osijek, I played in various bands "Krivi Ritam", "Daylight Acoustic Trio", "The Silvers", was a guest on Osijek Radio .... In 2014, Dino moved from Zagreb to Osijek, so together we released a single in the Croatian language " You want the end to be "in collaboration with famous Osijek musicians (Tomislav Pavelić, Antun Potnek, Zdenko Sitek, Siniša Ivanović, etc.) and the second single with friends from" Vedriš acoustic "Sabina and Paulina Kolgjeraj" Vedrish & Prijatelji - Obmana ". In 2014 I moved to Germany, Dino went to “The Voice” and his solo career began, and Marko stopped making music.

​But I was still attracted by the desire to play and compose, so in this period of "media silence" a lot of new music was created.

At the end of 2019, a renowned Croatian producer who had a successful radio and TV career in Germany for over 40 yearsfound me on the Internet, contacted me, wanting to start a music collaboration. Unfortunately, shortly after that, the producer passed away.

​In the middle of 2020, I decided to restart my music career, and started recording all the songs that marked the last 20 years of my music career.

The first of these songs is “Sunshine”. Thanks to facebookpages where talented musicians offer collaborations, I found quality female vocalist Ailyn Mondragon (Philippines), great producer Johannes Ten (Tonstudio Then, Freising) and drummer Marcus Hauck (Freising).

I’ve started an international collaboration that is sure to bring a lot of great rock hits, and great music.

​The first studio single "Sunshine" You can hear here:




In March of 2021 Tihomir Vučajnk (rhythm guitar and vocals)

Boris Mrzlečki (keyboards) and Vladimir Šoštarić (bass guitar) joined the band.


In October 2022 we finished the first album, called "End Of The Game".

Album will be released in November of 2022.

Recently Tihomir Vučajnk, Boris Mrzlečki and Vladimir Šoštarić

left the band, but Goran started working on the second album with

Johannes Then as a producer, Marcus Hauck on drums,

and Ailyn Mondragon on vocals....

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